Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

Domicile And Residence In Divorce Law

Almost all states have residency requirements for people who want to file for divorce, but how that is defined can differ between jurisdictions. Specifically, some states require people to have a domicile in the area, while others are satisfied with the person being just a resident. Here's the difference between the two and how it impacts your divorce proceedings. Domicile vs. Residency For the purposes of filing for a divorce, states define residency as the place where a person lives. Read More 

Why Insurance Companies Make Low Offers

Many people get surprised when insurance companies offer extremely low settlement offers for injury victims. However, you would not be that surprised if you knew why these companies sometimes make such low offers. Here are some of the reasons why the insurance companies make such low offers. They Are Profit-Driven Having insurance coverage is useful, but you should not forget that insurance companies are businesses that must make money for their investors. Read More 

What You Should Know About Settling Your Accident Case

When you are involved in an accident of any type that leads to an injury, you're probably already taking steps to seek restitution from the responsible individual. However, filing such a claim without the help of a personal injury law professional could prove to be a mistake. Here's why you need to have an attorney instead of negotiating with the adjuster on your own. The Adjuster Isn't Your Friend As soon as you file your injury claim, it gets passed on to a claims adjuster who will review your claim, including interviewing you and reviewing all of the evidence. Read More 

3 Things To Bring When Meeting With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney For The First Time

When dealing with a workers' compensation case, it is almost always a good idea to hire an attorney to help you with your case. The first step toward doing this typically is to meet with the attorney for a consultation. These are some of the things that you should bring along with you to this consultation. 1. Proof of Your Employment and Pay First of all, you should provide your attorney with proof of your employment. Read More 

How To Defend Against Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession charges can be challenging to respond to, even if you feel you're in a situation where the truth should be your shield. A drug possession lawyer will usually defend a client with one of a handful of potential arguments. Here are four defenses a drug possession attorney might assert while representing you. There Were No Drugs This is a simple defense, but it requires defendants to hold the line and wait for lab testing to come back. Read More 

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

I never gave a lot of thought to needing a lawyer until I was injured while walking down a sidewalk. The accident happened when a biker decided to use the sidewalk instead of the street, and plowed into me as he turned a corner. What followed was a lesson in what is involved with pedestrian accidents. I found a traffic attorney who took my case, and she was able to obtain a settlement that covered the legal fees and my medical bills. If you have been injured through the negligence of another party, you do need legal representation. Keep reading and I'll share how I found the right lawyer and what we did to ensure that my rights were fully protected in a court of law.