Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

Fed Up At Your Job? - 5 Different Situations Where An Employment Attorney Can Help

If you're looking at hiring an employment attorney, or concerned about any kind of issue in your workplace, check out this list of scenarios to see how an employment attorney or employment law firm can help you in various ways.

A Worker Gets Passed Over for Promotions – For Years!

Staying in a lower job role and seeing others promoted can be tough. In some cases, workers can get the idea that they're being ignored, not for the work that they're doing, but for who they are.

Employment lawyers can get involved in these types of cases, to look at possible discrimination. This is one practice area where professional attorneys can look at the facts, to determine what's fair, and to get their client's voice heard in court. Look for more from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission online.

Workers Didn't Get Overtime for Overtime Work

Suppose a person or a team looks at their paychecks after a grueling 50-hour week or 90-hour pay period, and they don't see time and a half.

Employment attorneys often get involved in these kinds of cases. Some firms bill themselves as 'overtime lawyers' because they are experienced in helping individuals to collect overtime from their employers. Strict overtime rules apply to the workplace, and anything above the legislative 40-hour work week generally requires overtime pay. Legal counsel can help to determine whether a company violated the rights of an employee. For more on overtime pay requirements, take a look at this resource from the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

Someone is Hassled at Work or Experiences a Hostile Work Environment

Sometimes, employees start to feel like others in the workplace are targeting them for harassment or abuse. This can take many forms, such as name-calling, vitriolic or hostile remarks, or even physical or sexual abuse. In these kinds of cases, it benefits the worker to get a skilled lawyer involved as early as possible. Lawyers can help document the facts, and do the research to determine how to tackle a harassment or hostility claim.

Workers See Safety Issues in the Workplace

Those who see any kind of safety violations in their workplaces may feel like it's critical to report these kinds of situations. But who do they report them to?

As workers try to understand how to report safety violations, they can secure employment attorneys to help them to protect themselves. Most employment law firms will be able to handle aspects of these whistleblower cases, to make sure that workers and their families are not harmed by retaliation or other responses from the company.

In all of these cases and other kinds of workplace scenarios, employment lawyers, such as Hammer, Ferretti, and Schiavoni, can help protect a worker and his or her family.

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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