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Feeling Vindictive After A Split? Three Things That You Shouldn't Do, Even If You Really Want To!

If you and your soon-to-be ex spouse had a contentious split, you may be feeling vindictive as you go through the divorce process. However, while it is perfectly normal to feel upset, angry or even jilted, acting improperly on these feelings can wind up costing you when it comes to the divorce proceedings. In some instances, the damage may even be too extensive for divorce lawyers to negate. Here are three things that you may feel like doing to be vindictive after separating that can wind up biting you in the butt later.

Telling Your Spouse You Had an Affair

If you feel your spouse had an affair, or you just want to make them jealous, you may reveal to them that you had an affair during an argument. This may have been something that happened in the past or something that you are simply making up to upset them. However, if you live in a fault state, admitting that you had an affair during your marriage can cause the demise of the divorce to be placed on your shoulders. In some instances, this can affect property settlements and alimony, so never make this statement, no matter how upset you get.

Charging Up the Credit Cards to Get Even

If you are feeling upset after your spouse leaves, you may decide to charge up the credit cards to get even with them. However, before you do this, keep in mind that there are many factors that judges look at when deciding who should pay for credit card debt. Your ex may not have to pay the charges to the card after your separation date or after informing you that they intend to file for divorce. And even if you charge the debt up before this happens, judges can look at who the purchases benefited. If they didn't benefit your ex, you may be forced to pay for most or all of the debt you incurred on that card, even if it is a joint credit card.

Keeping Your Kids From Your Spouse

When you feel hurt or betrayed by someone, you may wish to make them feel the same way. One way that you can do this is by withholding the children from them. Unfortunately, there are many problems with this. First off, children are not pawns and it can be confusing and hurtful to them to not see their other parent. Secondly, the actions you take at this time can impact any final custody decision. If a judge thinks that you aren't acting in the best interests of your children by wrongfully not allowing them contact with the other parent, that can negatively affect your bid to get full or joint custody.

The actions you take during the initial separation stages can have an impact on your divorce. While you may be furious, hurt, betrayed or sad, being vengeful will not be beneficial to you. Consult with a local divorce attorney, like one at Madison Law Firm PLLC, for more information.

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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