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Getting To Yes: How To Strengthen Your Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits

While some disabilities, such as the loss of a limb, are easy to prove, other disabilities are more subtle. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, an anxiety disorder, or a combination of conditions that leave you unable to work, you must be able to show proof of the issues in order to get approved for disability benefits. With an average initial approval rate of 36% for social security disability benefits, it is clear that obtaining benefits takes more than simply having a disability and being unemployed. There are steps you can take to strengthen your claim, improving your chances of getting approved during the initial phase.

Seek Treatment for Your Disability

Whether you are claiming one disability, or you have several, you have to be in active treatment for the social security administration to take your claim seriously. This means that you have to be seeing treatment providers, and following through with any treatment recommendations. If you have missed a number of appointments, you need to get back on track with your doctors. When you don't seek treatment, it will appear as if your disability is not bad enough. In addition, you will need providers that support your claim. You will have to list providers on your claim who will be contacted by the social security administration, to provide evidence of the statements you are making. If there isn't anyone who can give professional proof as to your disability, the claim will be denied.

Get All Your Paperwork Done On Time

Many claims are denied on a technical basis. This means that paperwork that was submitted was not completed in time, or that you did not submit a finished application. If you receive a letter asking for further information, send in this information immediately to avoid a technical denial of your claim. The social security administration doesn't bother with claimants who are only going to fill out half of a claim and then not respond to further questions. Your case will be denied and you will have to go through the appeals process if you receive a technical denial.

Ask for Help

Many disability lawyers see clients once they have been denied benefits, but it's useful to see a lawyer when filing your initial claim as well. A disability attorney will know the system, and be able to guide you through the process so that your application is done right the first time.

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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