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Collecting Alimony In Florida - Strategies For Negotiating A Fair Deal

During the dissolution of a marriage, both parties must work to fairly and equitably to determine how much alimony, if any, will be awarded to the party seeking support. Many divorcing couples are surprised to learn how the courts determine alimony amounts and duration, but there are always mitigating factors that can change the entire scope of a case. Whether you are looking to collect alimony after your divorce or are concerned about how how much alimony you will be required to pay, here are key components used to calculate alimony.

Determining Current Earning Capability

Many married couples agree to divvy up household debts and responsibilities based on the amount of income each party earns. These agreements between married couples often change as a result of promotions, disability, relocation, changes in career path, retirement or after starting a family. Even if you were not responsible for a major portion of the household bills during your marriage, the courts will look at your current earning capability prior to determining alimony.

Proving Extramarital Affairs

In some states, including Florida, evidence of extramarital affairs can be very important when alimony is decided. This is especially true for couples that divorce as a result of an affair. Of course, proof of the affair must be submitted and substantiated in order to have any impact. Keeping all receipts, phone records, credit card statements and even evidence of gifts given to a paramour are especially helpful for parties hoping to increase their alimony.

Contributions Made During The Marriage

All relationships require a certain amount of sacrifice from both sides, and marriage is no exception. If you put your career on hold in order to appease your spouse and better your family's future as a whole, you may be entitled to a higher amount of alimony. The same applies for those who put off completing school or only work part-time in order to take care of the household. The courts closely consider the age, status and health of divorcing parties when calculating alimony,

Alimony can be awarded for a set period of time or indefinitely, but life circumstances can cause these agreements to be altered. Some divorcees may not feel that the amount of alimony they were awarded is enough while others are convinced that they have been ordered to pay an exorbitant amount. Remaining calm and reasonable during the divorce process can help to eliminate these risks, while developing a strategy with an alimony attorney can aid in coming to a fair agreement.

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