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Own A Small Business? 4 Tips To Protect Yourself From Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attacks can be very dangerous for your company, as your company's information, such as financial records, personal information, and more can be stolen. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your company from these attackers. Keep reading and you can stop these attackers in their tracks.

Use Only Smart Passwords

If the passwords your company uses are very easy for someone to guess, such as 12345, imagine how easy it would be for a cyber-attacker to guess them. Instead of a simple password, make your passwords more complicated using uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Not only this, but you should change your passwords frequently, such as once a week. If you really want to be secure, change them every day. A cyber-attacker would find it very difficult to crack passwords like this.

Use Only Encrypted Data

Network encryption is encrypting messages and data that are transmitted over a computer network. This means any text is completely unreadable while it is being sent.  Various techniques and tools can be caused to encrypt data.

Network encryption is very detailed and very difficult for someone to do that is not trained to do this. Because of this, you should hire a professional or a company to encrypt your data to ensure it is done correctly.

Use a Firewall

If you do not use a firewall, it is like having the door wide open and inviting a cyber-attacker into your network. A firewall closes this door and locks it up tight. Each computer on your network should have a firewall installed and turned on. If you do not have a firewall, then you need to purchase firewall software. There are also free types of firewalls that you can download. Do your research to make sure the firewall you choose is reputable.

Teach Your Employees About Cyber-Attacks

One of the most important things you can do is to teach your employees about cyber-attacks. Teach them the basics of security. For example, they should be very careful of websites and avoid all websites that have suspicious URLs. Tell them to be very careful about email attachments. If they do not know who the sender is, they should not open the attachment.

Your employees should also know what types of information your business has that is confidential and sensitive so they will make sure that data is protected.

If your company is cyber-attacked, you need to contact an attorney like There are attorneys that specialize in cyber-attacks and they can be very helpful.

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