Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

The Mouse In The Cola (And Other Weird Lawsuits): Are They Personal Injury Cases?

There have been many a weird and bizarre lawsuit over the years. It makes you wonder if a problem with a product is something for which you should sue the company. If you do decide to sue, do you know what kind of case you have? Is it a case of negligence? Personal injury? A civil matter? Unless there are certain aspects of your situation and they apply to your case, it may be hard to tell. First, talk to personal injury lawyers, and then figure out if any of the following applies:

Did You Notice the Oddity Before Using or Consuming a Product?

If you noticed the mouse swimming in your cola bottle or the melted blue plastic in your soup before consuming any of it, you can pursue a civil case against the company. Of course, considering the fact that you may only get the cost of the product back, and hiring a lawyer would be thousands of times more expensive, you might just want to contact the company directly instead. Customer service representatives are usually willing to send you a check for the cost of the product, and maybe a little extra.

Did You Consume Some of the Product Before Noticing the Offending Material?

Okay, so let's say you ate some salad at your favorite restaurant, and before you could take more than a few bites a cockroach crawled out of it. This puts you in a precarious position, and certainly one that could make you quite ill. At the very least, the restaurant should comp your meal, but after something like that, you may not have much of an appetite. It could be a negligence case, should you get sick within a few days after that, but you would have a lot to prove since it would have to be the cockroach-in-the-salad's fault and not something else you ate.

You Consumed the Offending Product and Became Extremely Ill

Okay, so now the situation has become really serious. You received a bottled food item that contained live bacterial cultures of a disease, and you consumed it, or you used a product that should definitely not have harmed you, but it did. Now, you have a real lawsuit, and it definitely falls under personal injury because your personal well-being was harmed in the process. If you kept the offending product, bag it up and give it as evidence to your personal injury lawyer, along with any and all medical documentation of how this made you ill or hurt.

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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