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The Roles Of Witnesses In A Car Accident Dispute

When litigating an automobile accident, the role of a witness can be crucial to the outcome. A witness can be extraordinarily beneficial during a dispute, whether it is with an insurer or other party related to the accident. The following is some information about witnesses and the role they play in a car accident case:

Type of Witness

There are two types of witnesses that can testify in a car accident case: expert witnesses and lay witnesses. Expert witnesses are those with specialized training that are called upon to help explain the technical components of a case. For vehicular accidents, expert witnesses are those who are health care providers, accident reconstruction professionals, law enforcement officers, and the like. Expert witnesses help draw conclusions about the accident or the medical disposition of those involved in the accident.

A lay witness is someone who testifies in a case that is not an expert. Lay witnesses are those who were an eyewitness to the accident or to the scene. These witnesses can testify to the speed of the vehicles or whether or not there was an infraction regarding traffic control signals. A lay witness testimony can be very beneficial when fault needs to be proven.

Expert Witness Examples

There are several expert witnesses that can help a car accident case. An accident reconstructionist is one who can help determine the speed of the vehicle, the direction the cars were headed, locations of the vehicles, and vehicle momentum. The reconstructionist can help determine how the accident happened and which vehicle was at fault.

Healthcare Professionals

A healthcare professional can give insight on the medical condition of an injured plaintiff after an accident. An important aspect of a healthcare professional testimony is how the injury was caused. He or she will also be able to provide a prognosis about long-term ramifications of the injuries. The witness will also testify to any future treatment that the injured party will need moving forward.

Healthcare professionals can help read the results of various medical testing, such as MRIs, x-rays, blood tests, and the like. The witness can ultimately provide an expert opinion on whether or not the injury from the accident, and not pre-existing conditions, will require the need of ongoing medical care.

Witnesses provide a crucial role in a car accident case. If you plan to use one in your dispute, be sure your attorney knows as soon as possible. Expert witnesses have to be arranged well in advance of a testimony.

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