Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

Single Car Collision? You Might Not Be At Fault

If you've been involved in a single car accident, you may assume that the fault can only be your own. Thus, you are on the hook for all medical expenses and other bills related to the accident. However, this is not always the case. Though some solo car collisions are the fault of the driver, there are others who might be partially or fully at fault for the collision. 

Consider whether the following parties may have played a role in your crash. If so, reach out to a personal injury law firm to learn more about recouping compensation for your damages.

The Vehicle Manufacturer

Did something go wrong with your car, leading to the collision? For example, maybe a wheel fell off, causing you to swerve into a tree. Not every breakdown is the fault of the vehicle manufacturer, but some are. Reach out to a car accident attorney to see if others have reported the same problem with the make and model of vehicle you might have. If the problem you had is a common one, the car may have been made in an unsafe manner, which leaves the vehicle manufacturing company partially at-fault for your crash.

The Town or City

Sometimes accidents are caused by a lack of signage or poor road maintenance. Maybe a stop sign was hidden behind a tree, so you saw it at the last minute and had to slam on your brakes. Perhaps there was not enough salt on the road, causing you to slide into a tree. If road conditions led to your crash, you could possibly hold the local highway department liable. This is a hard case to argue, but it's worth pursuing if your accident caused a lot of damage. By holding the town liable and encouraging them to improve conditions, you can prevent others from suffering the same fate.

A Pedestrian

Even if you did not hit a pedestrian during your crash, they could be liable for your collision. If someone jumped out into the street outside of the crosswalk, causing you to swerve, they could be held at fault. Or maybe a child threw a snowball at your car, distracting you and contributing to the crash. If you do not have the pedestrian's name, you can put an ad in the paper asking for witnesses who saw the crash and see if anyone else can identify the person. Local businesses may also have camera footage you can use to identify the pedestrian. 

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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