Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

Did You Have A Medical Mistake During An Operation And Now You Need A Second Surgery? Get An Attorney Fast

There are a lot of issues that arise when you go in for a routine surgery and come out to some news that your surgery was flawed and you now need more surgeries to recover. If your surgeon made a big mistake while you were being operated on and the hospital liability and legal professionals are talking to you, you need your own medical legal representative fast.

The effects of the botched surgery can affect your life and your body in the long term, and the financial burdens from this malpractice can also be problematic and burdening for years. Act fast to do the following.

Don't Agree or Sign Anything

The hospital staff may try to get you to commit or agree to not take legal action against the hospital or your surgeon. Be sure to avoid the following:

  • Singing any paperwork or documents that release liability
  • Verbally agree to any type of compensation or negotiation
  • Accept waived medical fees for the mishap

You want your medical malpractice lawyer to talk with the hospital legal team and pursue your case. Any interaction you have could hinder your case.

Have Representation before the Next Surgery

Find a healthcare attorney before you go under the knife again. If you call local offices you should be able to get a professional that can meet you at the hospital if you have to stay before having your next operation.

The lawyer will start to work out the details of the compensation package that is headed your way and will be able to build the case throughout the next surgery. Once you put down a retainer or have an agreement all contact should go through your lawyer.

Consider All Compensation Necessary

There is a lot of compensation that may be necessary for you. This includes financial details like:

  • Medical bills from the first surgery
  • Loss of employment wages and benefits
  • Expenses for the second surgery
  • Extended post-operative care
  • Mental anguish compensation
  • Financial burdens from loss of work and daily function

Your lawyer will work to make sure that you have all your medical bills covered, your legal fees paid for, along with other expenses related to this terrible medical malpractice.

If you went in to have an operation and you came out to find out that there was a severe medical mistake, and that you will have to go in and have a new surgery once you heal, you need to use your time to find an experienced medical expert. The sooner you get the representation you need the sooner the case can become reality. To learn more information, reach out to a company such as Bennett Bigelow & Leedom PS.

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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