Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

Critical Reasons To Hire An Experienced Expungement Attorney For Help

A criminal conviction on your permanent record can cause extensive damage to your personal and professional life. It can prevent you from achieving your dreams and living the kind of life that you want after you serve your time.

Instead of allowing your convictions to remain on your record, you can file to have them expunged and effectively hidden or removed. You can start this legal process by hiring an experienced expungement attorney to take your case.

Improving Job Chances

Many companies today will not hire people who have certain criminal convictions on their records. You often cannot work in teaching or healthcare, for example. You also cannot work for banks, certain retailers and even some manufacturing plants with criminal convictions on your permanent record.

Rather than relegate yourself to working low-wage jobs or staying unemployed, you can hire an expungement attorney to help you expunge the convictions on your record. This attorney can file the paperwork and petition the court to expunge these convictions. When an employer carries out a background check on you, they may not find the convictions, which can help you to get a job.

You can apply for more jobs that pay better and offer better job security. You won't have to worry that you will be turned down because of a criminal record on your record.

Eligibility for Financial Aid

Criminal convictions can also prevent you from being eligible for federal financial aid. If you want to go to college, you may need to apply for loans or grants. However, federal programs often bar felons from eligibility for these types of financial aid.

When you hire an expungement attorney, you can have the convictions on your record expunged. They are effectively concealed and will not show up when the federal financial aid program runs a background check on you. You can apply for and receive the financial aid that you need to pursue a college degree.

Finally, having your record expunged can be important for avoiding harsher legal penalties if you are arrested for another crime. The court may have to regard you as a first-time offender, even if you had prior convictions that were expunged from your record. You may receive lighter sentences for future convictions as a result. 

An expungement attorney can provide important services to clients with prior convictions. He or she can remove convictions to improve your chances of landing jobs, getting financial aid and avoiding harsher sentences.

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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