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What Father's Need To Know About Receiving Child Support Payments

If you are a father and you get divorced, child support will be a big part of your life until your child reaches adulthood. Most often, fathers typically pay their ex-spouse child support if they have the children most of the time. However, it is a misconception that fathers cannot be the recipient of child support. If you are a father and you believe you are entitled to child support payments, the following information can be helpful:

Common Misconceptions Regarding Child Support and Fathers

Many fathers believe they automatically will have to pay the ex-parent child support payments upon divorce. This happens often only because mothers generally receive primary custody of the kids. However, this is not always the case. Many fathers get primary custody of the kids and are entitled to receive child support payments.

How Judges Reach Decisions on Child Support Payments

When you go before a judge to request child support, they will evaluate the rights of each parent. The judge will consider several facts to decide what, if anything, each of you must pay in child support. Both of your income levels, your current custody arrangements, and any costs or expenses associated with the children are just a few examples of factors a judge will look at before deciding how much child support is necessary and which parent will receive the payments.

A child support order will be given to the primary custodial parent. If you as the father have primary custody of the children, you will receive child support payments, particularly if your income level or assets are lower than your ex's.

How Fathers Can Successfully Receive Child Support Payments

There is never a guarantee that either parent will receive child support. If you both have equal custody or if one of you primarily pays for major expenses, a judge may not award child support payments because you both are contributing equally to the care of the children. However, if you are a father and you believe you are entitled to child support, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in these factors in a divorce case, particularly when it comes to child support. If your former spouse has significant assets, you and your attorney should fight for a fair child support arrangement to ensure your children are taken care of in a way that is equal for both parents. For more information, contact a firm like Thompson Salinas Londergan, LLP.

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