Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

The Immediate Measures Your Legal Advisor Wants You To Take After Being Stopped For DUI

It is illegal to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Therefore, law enforcers might stop you if they suspect that you were driving under the influence. However, after they pull you over, what you do can make the difference between getting a lenient judgment and spending years behind bars. The best way to know the measures to take is by contacting a DUI lawyer for advice. They will ask you to take the following measures immediately after the officers stop you for suspicion of DUI.

Don't Do Anything Suspicious

Most drivers understand the consequences of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. That's why they do everything possible to avoid an arrest. Unfortunately, some even attack officers and injure them in the process. Officers are always cautious of drivers' behavior and the necessary steps to protect themselves when they feel a motorist wants to attack them. In addition, they may prefer additional charges against you if they sense that you want to attack them and escape. Therefore, your attorney will want you to remain in one position with your hands on the wheel when the police pull you over. Then, wait until the officer asks you for your documents or to move out of your vehicle.

Watch What You Say

Feeling anxious when the police stop you for DUI is normal because you may not know the consequences you might face in court. However, it would help if you recollected yourself as soon as possible to prevent saying something that might make the police believe you are intoxicated. In addition, you must gain confidence when the officers start questioning you to ensure you don't share incriminating information. Finally, you must consult your legal advisor when the police ask you controversial questions. They may advise you to ignore the question or guide you on how to answer them without saying anything that might get you in trouble.  

Get Legal Help

Legal representation is essential when the officers stop you for DUI, especially before taking any tests. Your attorney will ensure that the police do not do anything unlawful. They will then develop a strategy to fight your arrest and detainment to prevent the police from charging you in court. This will help to avoid facing severe consequences that may impact you currently and in the future.

After the police stop you for DUI, what you do can make you get a lenient judgment or face severe consequences. That's why you need to know the measures you need to take after the officers pull you over. You can know the dos and don'ts by contacting a DUI attorney immediately after the arrest. 

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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