Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

Injuries Your Child Might Suffer In A Collision And How To Get Justice For Them

Many parents take the necessary safety measures to protect their kids when riding with them in their vehicles. This includes fastening their seatbelts. You should know that this is one of the most effective ways of preventing severe injuries when vehicles collide. However, some kids still suffer severe injuries in collisions despite the precautions taken. Below are examples of such injuries and how you can get justice for your child.

 Bodily Harm Your Child Might Suffer 

Children sometimes face more severe harm in auto collisions than adult passengers. More so, the risk is even greater if the automobiles were at high speed or if the kid was not buckled up. In these instances, your child may suffer serious injuries to different body parts, including the head. Depending on the impact, your child may suffer contusions, lacerations, or skull fractures. Such incidences can leave your child with memory loss, which affects their learning ability.

Your kid may also suffer severe chest complications, rib fractures, and lung damage. Such harm can have long-term consequences for your kid, and they might require special care to manage their condition. 

As such, the person who caused the collision should take full responsibility for the losses you incur because of your child's injuries. If this is the case, you should consider filing a claim to hold them accountable. However, it is important to note that lawsuits involving kids may differ from others. Therefore, you want a qualified legal representative to handle your claim. 

How to Get Justice for Your Child

Your top priority after your child suffers harm in an auto accident should be bringing them to the hospital. After that, allow your legal advisor to take over the case so you can focus on your kid's recovery. They will get the information needed to build a strong claim against the wrongdoer. Your lawyer will then negotiate with the insurance company to enable you to get a desirable payment. 

You should know that some insurance companies take advantage of emotional parents to offer them low payments. That is why letting a lawyer handle negotiations for you is always advisable. They will only accept a settlement offer that will cover all your losses. In addition, if the insurance provider does not offer you the payment you deserve, your attorney will file a case in court. More importantly, they will do so within the stipulated time to prevent a denial.

Injuries caused by a collision can make your child undergo a lot of suffering. In addition, they might make you incur huge financial losses in medical costs and lost wages. Therefore, consider enlisting the services of a car accident lawyer to assist you in getting compensation.

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Legal Help: Getting Hurt on the Street

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